Shan Style Buddha Marble with Gold Leaf, Northern Burma (Myanmar) Circa Early 20th Century

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The Burmese Shan style Buddha can be seen in many different forms from plain to those adorned in royal attire with crowns, side flanges and jewellery with an elongated torso and narrow waistline, often seated on a high throne. Tai Yai images of the Buddha using the hollow lacquer technique as well as teak wood are highly decorated with Thayo Lacquer resembling fish scales and glass mosaics, these Buddha statues are mostly gilded with gold leaf.

The Shan (ShanတႆးShan pronunciation: [táj]Burmeseရှမ်းလူမျိုး[ʃán lùmjó]Thaiไทใหญ่ or ฉานChinese掸族 or 傣族pinyinShànzú, Dǎizú;Pa-O-ဖြဝ်ꩻ) are a Tai ethnic group of Southeast Asia. The Shan live primarily in the Shan State of Burma (Myanmar), but also inhabit parts of Mandalay RegionKachin State, and Kayin State, and in adjacent regions of ChinaLaos,  Assam (Ahom people) and Thailand.[3] Though no reliable census has been taken in Burma since 1935, the Shan are estimated to number 4–6 million,[1] with CIA Factbook giving an estimate of five million spread throughout Myanmar.[2]