Ancient Turquoise (Bactria-3000 years old)

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Not to be confused with Bacteria.
"Bakhtar" redirects here. For the former airline from Afghanistan, see Bakhtar Afghan Airlines.

Ancient cities of Bactria
Bactria (from Βακτριανή, the Hellenized version of Bactrian βαχλο, Bakhlo; Persian/Pashto: باختر Bākhtar; Uzbek: Балх; Tajik: Бохтар; Chinese: 大夏 Dàxià; Sanskrit बाह्लीक Bāhlika) is the ancient name of a historical region, one of the ancient civilizations of Iranian peoples. Ancient Bactria was located between the Hindu Kush mountain range and the Amu Darya river, covering the flat region that straddles modern-day Afghanistan and Tajikistan.[1]

Bactria was the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, and later also hosted Buddhism before becoming Muslim after the arrival of the Rashidun and the Umayyad Caliphates in the 7th century. Bactria was also sometimes referred to by the Greeks as Bactriana.