Amarapura Era (1789-1853)Alabaster Reclining Buddha Statue ( Almost 3ft Long)

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Amarapura Era (1789-1853)Alabaster Reclining Buddha Statue

Unluckily, one finger is broken but it still looks great!The robe is painted cinnabar and gilded.
This item is currently in Mandalay Burma, so please allow 6-8 weeks for deliver.  The cost saving will be well worth the wait.  We are now connecting directly to our dealers.  This allows us to lower the cost more than 40% with the added assurance of Mabuhay guaranteeing the deliver and authenticity of each piece of art. This is an incredible opportunity to buy important pieces of art and history as they inter the market for the first time.  You are also doing business with nice people.  We think that also matters greatly.